Asia 1000 Calling Card (PhoneCard)

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The Asia 1000 phone card is a prepaid international calling card that provides best calling card offers and services. Asia 1000 is a prepaid calling card that is issued by NCOM INC Company with best calling card features. It is often a international phone card that can be used to call worldwide from USA. This international prepaid card provides cheap international and domestic rates for their customer.

Asia 1000 Phone Card Features
The following features:
  1. Cheap International Calling Card.
  2. It is best quality and easy connect calling cards.
  3. NO Connection fee card.
  4. It is a PINLESS Dialling phone card.
  5. Fees may affect the actual number of minutes.
  6. Prepaid phone card can be used to make calls to many countries.
  7. If your card is stop working call at customer care 1-888-573-7041
  8. It offers Pin less Dialling features.
  9. Online Facility means you can purchase this card online.
How to Use / Operate the Asia phone card

The Asia 1000 phone card offer pinless dialling features. The pin less dialling features is very easy to use.

Pin less Association
  • Dial access number whatever is given on phonecard.
  • Dial Access Number
  • Enter Your Calling Card PIN #
  • Enter ** and follow the menu
  • It will send you a confirmation message "your number has been associated with the phone card".
  • Next time you call the access number, you won't have to enter the PIN.
Pin less Disassociation
  • Dial Access Number (800 or Local Access)
  • Enter your destination number")
  • Enter ** and follow the menu
  • A confirmation message saying that your number has been disassociated with the phone card
  • Task Complete. Next time when you call the access number, you won't need to enter your PIN.
Card Issuer / Service Provider

The Card Issuer / Provider of this card is "NCOM INC company"

Contact Detail

If you are a new customer and you want to apply or the existing customer have any query call at 1-888-573-7041, 1-800-330-9263, 1-800-313-6519 .

Toll Free Numbers: 1-800-421-6927, 1-800-510-6829(English), 1-800-510-6830(Spanish)
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