A1 Phone Card Review

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A1 Calling Card can be used worldwide so no need to spend extra for other calling card because the 'A1 Phone Card' provides best calling features to the individuals who use the calling card. It offers cheap rate to call international destination. You can try the voice quality of A1 calling cards. You can save by using A1 prepaid long distance phone card.

Key Features

There are an array of calling card features that are listed below:

  • This card can be used from Vietnam.

  • Rechargeable Calling Card.

  • It is also used for international calling.

  • Connection fee of 39 cents/ call.

  • Billed in one minute increments.

  • No daily or weekly maintenance or admin fees.

  • No hidden charges.

  • 24 Hours Flat Rates.

  • Phone card expires 6 months from date of first use or last recharge.

  • It has Pinless dialing features.

How to activate A1 Calling Card

  • Dial Access number (Tool free or, local)

  • Follow voice prompt.

  • When prompted enter PIN number.

  • When prompted dial destination number (0011 + COUNTRY AND AREA CODE + NUMBER)

Customer Care

If you have any query call at-

Customer Services: 1 300 137 791

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