American Bowl (Outside the Coutry)

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American Bowl series was started in the year 1986 with the purpose of promoting the American football game internationally or in other Countries. The game at the Mexico City had the largest crowd and was a record in itself the game was held in the year 1994.
In the last few years game was played either in the Japan or Mexico.

The American Bowl was a series of National Football League pre-season exhibition games that hosted outside the United States.

American Bowl In Outside Countries
  • London: NFL 2012 series is going to play at Wembley Stadium of London on 28th October, Sunday.

  • Tokyo: Tokyo hosted the NFL American Bowl series games in the year 1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,2003 and 2005 in the Tokyo Dome Stadium.

  • Montreal: Montreal hosted the American Bowl series of NFL in the year 1990 at the Olympic Stadium.

  • Berlin: Berlin is known as the world city of culture, politics, media and science and also the the host of many sports.

  • Barcelona : Barcelona is also known as for hosting the various games like 1992, summer Olympics, 2004 Universal Forum of cultures and 2004 World Urban Forum.

  • Mexico : Mexico City is one of the most important financial centres in North America that was hosted for NFL.

  • Toronto : Toronto is the world's tenth most economic city and it contains more headquarters than any other Canadian City.

  • Monterrey : Monterrey is known one of the most developed cities of Mexico.

  • Dublin: Dubline, capital of Ireland and bordered by a low mountain range to the south and surrounded by flat farmland to the north and west.

  • Vancouver: Vancouver hosted the American Bowl game in the year 1998 at BC Place Stadium and the winner of that year was San Francisco 49ers.

  • Sydney : Sydney is one of the top 10 world centres where NFL game held. Sydney is the site of first British colony in Australia.

  • Osaka : The American Bowl game of NFL was played in the year 2002 in Osaka.

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