American Bowl In Monterrey

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Monterrey is the Capital City of Nuevo Leon , Nuevo Leon is the State of Mexico .Monterrey is the second richest city of Mexico and it is the 63rd largest city of World.
Monterrey is known one of the most developed cities of Mexico.
Monterrey hosted the American Bowl game in the year 1990 at Olympic Stadium and the winner team at that time was Pittsburgh Steelers.

Accommodations in Monterrey
There are a couple of hotels that given below but the Monterry is very rich city in accommodation.
  • Delta Chelsea

  • Royal York Hotel

  • Sheraton Centre

  • Gladstone Hotel

  • The Drake Hotel

  • Metropolitan Hotel

  • Four Seasons Hotel

Tourist Attractions In Monterrey
  • Bosquo Magico

  • Cintermex Convention Centre

  • Gran Plaza o Macroplaza

  • Planetario Alfa Sky Shows

  • Parque Plaza Sèsamo

Monterrey is the capital city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León in the country of Mexico.
It is known for its hot weather in summer reaching 40 °C or more for three consecutive months.
Besides tourist attraction place, the people can see its natural beauty like Waterfalls in the forested mountain terrain surrounding the city.

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