American Bowl In Mexico City

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Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and the city is located in the Valley of Mexico. The Mexica People founded the Mexico City. The U.S. Army captured the Mexico City after the Mexican-American War.

Mexico City is one of the most important financial centres in North America. Mexico city is the largest city of Mexico , Mexico City is the most important political, cultural, educational and financial centre.
Mexico City hosted the American Bowl series of NFL in the years 1994,1997,1998,2000 and 2001 at Estadio Azteca Stadium.

  • 1994: -Houston Oilers
  • 1997: -Miami Dolphins
  • 1998: -New England Patriots
  • 2000: -Indianapolis Colts
  • 2001: -Dallas Cowboys

Accommodations in Mexico city
There are an array of hotel where you can stay-
  • Embassy Suites

  • The St. Regis

  • Four Seasons

  • Gran hotel Ciudad

  • JW Marriott

  • Hilton Hotel

  • The Westin Santa Fe

  • Hotel Nikko

  • Hotel Catedral

  • Plaza Suites

  • Emporio Reforma

Tourist Attractions In Mexico City
  • National Museum of Anthroplogy

  • National Palace

  • Templo Mayor

  • Palace of Fine Arts

  • Calle Moneda

  • City of Sport

  • Copilco

  • Historic City Center

  • La Profesa

  • Lago Antiguo

  • Museum Of Mexico City

  • Plaza San Jacinto

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