American Bowl Series in Osaka

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Osaka is a city of Japan and it is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture. It works as one of the command centers for the Japanese Economy.
Osaka is situated in the Kansai region of Japan's main island of Honshu.
Osaka is the third largest city by population of Japan.
The American Bowl game of NFL was played in the year 2002 in Osaka.

Accommodations In Osaka
is Japan's third largest and second most important city. If the people go anywhere then first we think how we will stay there. Accommodation is important part of the tour. The viewers can easily get the accommodation. There are following hotels which are given below-
  • Ana Hotel

  • Osaka International Guesthouse Area

  • Osaka Castle Hotel

  • Great Osaka Hotel

  • Sun Play Inn Nagahori

  • Tennoji Miyako Hotel

  • Toko City Hotel Umeda

  • Tenpozan Hotel

Tourist Attractions In Osaka
  • Dotonbori

  • Universal Studios

  • Osaka Castle Park

  • Shinasaibashi

  • Shitennoji Temple

  • Minami

  • Modern Transportation Museum

  • Osaka Castle

  • Shinsekai

  • Spa World

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