Low Interest Credit Card for 2012

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Low Interest credit card includes that type of credit card which have low interest rate or 0% APR. Low interest credit card offers reasonable way for the customer or cardholders to reduce their potential for rising debt. Low interest credit cards are designed for those individual who does not able to pay more interest on financial products. It is not the best way to use but you can use as a line of credit rather than an alternative funding option.

These low interest credit cards have also good features like other high interest credit cards. The features of low interest credit card that is provided by the bank are low interest or interest free, no annual fee, no fee for balance transfer, some rewards programme, cash back rewards, Airline rewards and some other features.

List of Low Interest Credit Card
There are arrays of credit cards, which consists low interest or zero interest rate:

Chase Slate Credit Card
Chase Slate Credit Card is one of the best credit cards in the US with low APRs.

Chase FreedomŽ Visa Credit Card
Using Chase Freedom Visa card the individuals can get $200 dollars in Cash Back bonuses when you spend just $500 in your first 3 months of card membership.

Spark Select Small Business Credit Card
Using Spark Select Small Business Credit Card, you can earn 1 mile per dollar on all purchases..

CitiŽ Diamond PreferredŽ Card
The CitiŽ Diamond PreferredŽ Card is one of the best credit card that aid you when you shop, protect you when you travel, and even help you bank securely online..

Nationwide Select Visa Credit Card
Nationwide Select Credit Card is simply best ever credit card provides unlimited commission-free purchases abroad.

Sphere Visa Signature Credit Card
Sovereign Bank has offered Sphere(SM) Visa Signature Credit Card with great benefits.

Miles by DiscoverŽ Card
The Miles by Discover Card gives you more-like DOUBLE Miles on up to $3000 in travel and restaurant purchases.

Halifax fee-free Balance Transfer Credit Card
Halifax fee-free balance transfer credit card is the best credit card that offers 2.9% interest for 16 months.

Virgin Low Rate Credit Card
Virgin credit card is a low interest credit card that doesn't charge a huge amount of interest and fees.

Discover More Credit Card
The Discover More Card is one of the best low interest credit cards with 5% cash back and low APR rate on purchases and balance transfer.

Citi Platinum Select MasterCard
Citibank issues Citi Platinum Select MasterCard. The Card has various attractive features and it is a beneficial card for them who want to do balance transfer to stop paying interest on the current credit card debts.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Card
Capital One Venture Rewards card is low APR rate credit card on purchases and balance transfer that offers bigger rewards with no annual fee.

Simmons First Visa Platinum Credit Card
Simmons First National Bank Visa Platinum Card is for the people with excellent credit looking to save money on balance transfers.

RBC Visa Classic Low Rate Credit Card
RBC Royal Bank Visa Classic Low Rate Option card is the alternative will give you a permanent low interest rate of 11.9% compared to the normal 19.5%.
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