Halifax fee-free Balance Transfer Credit Card

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Halifax fee-free balance transfer credit card can be used as VISA Card anywhere in the world. It offers more attractive and awesome benefits so the individuals can use it anywhere in the worlds where VISA Card accepted.

Key Benefits

There are arrays of benefits that are listed below:

  • Type of credit card.

  • It is also called as Halifax Clarity card.

  • Can be used where VISA or Credit Card acceptable.

  • Universal acceptance credit card.

  • It is interest free credit cards.

  • Offers 2.9% interest for 16 months.

  • No balance transfer fee when you use the credit card.

  • With Halifax Clarity Card there are no cash withdrawal fees, foreign exchange fees or annual membership fees.

  • The monthly cashback rate of 5 when you spend 300 on the Clarity Card throughout each statement period.

  • Zero rate periods on balance transfer cards over the last few years.

  • Best Customer Services via phone and online also.

  • No annual fee.

  • Cover against online fraud when purchasing on the Internet.

  • There's no interest free period on cash advances, balance transfers or cheques.

Card Services /Issuer

Halifax Clarity Credit Card is issued by Bank of Scotland plc, Registered in Scotland No.SC327000.

Customer Care

The cardholders have any issue contact them at-

Customer Services: 08457 28 38 48, 08459 444 555

For Card Applications: 0800 028 32 58

For Repayment Cover: 0845 605 11 50

For Lost or Stolen Cards: 08457 20 30 99

For more information regarding the card visit the bank's official website: www.halifax.co.uk

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