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International bank is a financial institution, which allows foreign clients whether it is companies or individuals to use their products and services. Generally, the most wealthy individuals and companies use international banking system because it is quite expensive than others. An International Bank is regulated by its Central Bank often called Reserve Bank.

The function of international bank is just similar to the Central bank. Central bank is not a bank that just anyone uses it. It is like a hub of the banks that exist in each country. It main role is to maintain stability of its own currency and the money supply for that country. There are some more advantages of international bank, which includes tax evasion, foreign direct investment, protection from lawsuits, the fostering of international trade and protection against fluctuating domestic interest rates.

Lots of international banks that are listed below with many advantages.
RAKBANK Bank RAK bank is a retail bank in the United Arab Emirates with the total assets of $6.1 billion or Dh. 22.3 billion.
It is one of the commercial bank in united Arab that named the second most profitable bank all Arabian banks.

The RAK Bank offers a wide range of various products and services such as personal banking products, business banking products, and various types of loans, Investment products, numerous types of insurance and various treasury services

List of Credit Cards-

  • Prepaid Cards
  • Geant La Carte Credit Card
  • Titanium MasterCard
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Classic and Gold Cards
  • nmc MasterCard
  • Debit Cards

The RAK bank credit card are given below offering numerous benefits which are-
  1. No annual fee.
  2. You can make purchases at low interest rate.
  3. You can get cash advance of up to 50% credit limit.
  4. It offers discount on dining and shopping.
  5. You will have to pay only 3% monthly payment.
  6. You can pay bills at any RAKBANK ATM or EDM, UAE Exchange, Redha Al Ansari Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange, Al Fardan Exchange and Sharaf Exchange outlets.
  7. Exclusive Global discounts and privileges on Premium brands and Hotels.
  8. It offers automatic purchase protection without any charge.
  9. You can get Supplementary Cards without any charge.
  10. It offers 5% cash back on all international transactions and 3% on all retail purchases.
BANK OF AMERICA Bank of America Corporation is a global financial America Based international bank in United State.

Bank of America is the 3rd "best" large company in the world and second largest bank by market capitalization. The bank operates in banking area, Financial Services and Investment services. The company's goal is to provide best quality financial products and services to meet the customer's needs.

It is also called investment-banking industry because it plays a major role in investment banking products and services.
HSBC BANK PLC. HSBC is the largest bank and financial services organization that is held by over 221,000 shareholders in 127 countries and territories. It is in worldwide such as Brazil, Mexico, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and United State also.
Scotiabank, Canada
Scotiabank, Canada ScotiaBank is third largest Canada's international bank that is committed to providing the best possible customer care to its clients. .
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