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AccountNow® Prepaid Master Card® is one of the best option on the prepaid credit card market because its immediately approved by the issuer. The AccountNow master card is issued by the Palm Desert National Bank. AccountNow prepaid master card is designed for that cardholder who has bad credit history or bad credit card. This master card is the best option for that people who is very upset with your master card or credit card.
The AccountNow credit doest not require any banking account but it does require advance payments for the master card. The accountnow master card also called the instant approval prepaid card because it's approved automatically at the end of the period. The only cons of this MasterCard is "it's a prepaid card", means you can spend only that amount whatever you uploaded in your card.
AccountNow® Prepaid Card Features:
  1. The AccountNow prepaid card has the MasterCard Brand Mark so it is accepted anywhere in the world where Debit card is accepted.
  2. The accountnow master card provides online facility, means you can check your credit online, upload money, and pay your bill online. You don't need to carry large amount of cashes because it offers online shopping facility to their customer.
  3. There are various options that can be used for uploading money on to AccountNow Master Card. The various options of uploading money are Western Union, ReloadPak-GreenDot, Moneygram, and Direct Deposit.
  4. AccountNow master card has a various types of option means it can be used in many locations for many activities such as Bill Payment, ATM withdrawals, you can make purchases at retail locations where it is accepted, and transfer cash to family and friends.
  5. The AccountNow master card rewards offers $25 cash bonus for using direct deposit to upload funds.
  6. The ATM balance inquiry fee is $1 but there is no fee for online checking account.
  7. The additional withdrawal fee is $2.
  8. There is no monthly fee, and no activation fee.
  9. The application charge of AccountNow master card is $9.95.
  10. The monthly Participation fee is $9.95, which amounts to $119.40 annually.
  11. The AccountNow master card offers two unique plans for their customer are, the account set up fee of $9.95 is waived with direct deposit loads. The direct deposit limit plus the cash deposit limit is the maximum deposit.
  12. There is no transaction fee for U.S. purchases.
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Merchant Service: 801.559.3320

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